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Jawline Fillers

Jawline filler is a non-surgical solution for patients dissatisfied with their jaw or chin. It’s a technique that utilizes dermal filler to add definition, balance asymmetry, and improve the contours of your jawline.

There are different types of filler available to achieve the results, such as Juvéderm, Restylane, or Radiesse.

Why Choose Jawline Filler?

There are many different reasons why someone would benefit from jawline filler! This amazing treatment can be used to address issues such as jowls, volume loss, asymmetry, proportion differences, and more.

It can also improve the contours of your jawline, giving you a sharper appearance.

What Does Jawline Filler Injections Feel Like?

Many dermal fillers come with an anesthetic built into the product. Your injector will apply a topical anesthetic prior to treatment in order to minimize pain.

You should not experience severe or prolonged pain, during or after. Talk with your provider ahead of time if pain is a concern for you.

When Will I See Jawline Filler Results?

While you may experience some swelling, your results should be visible right away! Jawline filler doesn’t require downtime either, allowing you to resume your daily activities with an improved jawline.

Results last anywhere from one to two years.

Am I a Good Candidate for Jawline Filler?

Ideal candidates are patients in good health with realistic expectations. Jawline filler isn’t for everyone. It will not address heaviness or laxity in the jaw and chin area.

A consultation with your injector will determine if jawline filler is the correct treatment for you.

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