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Lip Filler

Dermal fillers are an incredibly popular cosmetic injectable that can accomplish a variety of things, including non-surgical lip augmentation. If you’re dissatisfied with the size, shape, or overall appearance of your lips, then lip filler injections may be the solution.

Fillers are a versatile aesthetic procedure available in many different brands and formulas. The two most popular brands offering products specifically for lips are Restylane and Juvéderm, both of which have a synthetic hyaluronic acid base.

Hyaluronic acid, HA for short, is responsible for making your skin look plump, juicy, and healthy.

Why Choose Lip Filler?

No matter what your aesthetic concerns are around this area, lip filler can most likely fix them. This popular route for lip augmentation can address the following issues:

  • Add subtle or dramatic volume to lackluster lips
  • Balance asymmetry between your top and bottom lip or sides of your lips
  • Enhance and perfect the shape of your lips
  • Improve the color and texture of your lips
  • Smooth out lines on the lips or around the mouth

All of this can be achieved with easy, fast, and minimally invasive injections that are personalized to your one-of-a-kind features and goals.

What Do Lip Filler Injections Feel Like?

While a needle coming towards your face is initially pretty scary, many people are surprised to learn that lip injections really aren’t that painful.

It’s true that the lips are a sensitive and vascular area, so you might feel a pinch and pressure as the HA gel is injected, but any significant discomfort can be managed with a numbing cream or cold compress.

When Will I See Lip Filler Results?

The best part of this treatment is that you don’t have to wait to see impressive yet natural looking results. Improvement is noticeable right away! Side effects may affect the way your lips look at first, however your final results are visible in three to five days after your appointment.

How Long Do Lip Filler Results Last?

This is not a permanent solution. Results last anywhere from three to 12 months with optimal treatment depending on the brand, type of filler, and how quickly your body metabolizes it. Ask your injector how often you’re likely to need to maintain your lip injections.

How Long Is the Recovery After Lip Filler?

Downtime is a non-issue. Even though you might experience some normal and minor side effects, there’s nothing stopping you from resuming most if not all of your standard day-to-day activities.

You can even return to work or school on the very same day as your appointment. You should avoid strenuous exercise for 24 to 48 hours after your treatment.

Aftercare is easy too. Staying hydrated is important, especially if you received HA fillers. Avoid taking blood-thinning medications like aspirin or ibuprofen if possible.

What Are the Side Effects of Lip Filler?

Side effects are mild and temporary. The most prominent side effect you might experience is swelling, and sometimes it can be a lot of swelling.

Don’t panic! This is totally normal and resolves on its own within a week or sooner. Bruising, redness, tenderness, and itching are also common.

Am I a Good Candidate for Lip Filler?

Almost anyone can receive lip fillers. Ideal candidates are people who are in generally good health and have realistic expectations for this procedure. If you have an active cold sore or oral infection, it’s best to skip lip filler for the time being.

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