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Exactly What to Look for in CBD Products

CBD is one of the biggest trends in alternative medicine right now.



CBD is one of the biggest trends in alternative medicine right now.

While many individuals are turning to these products to help alleviate a variety of symptoms and improve overall wellbeing, many are unsure of how to shop for CBD and ensure product efficacy and safety.

If this is you, continue reading to learn exactly what to look for in CBD products.

Is the Product Labeled as CBD?

First and foremost, check the front of the label on all CBD products. It should clearly indicate that the item contains CBD, cannabidiol, hemp extract, or hemp extract oil.

Where Was the Hemp Sourced?

Look for hemp that has been cultivated in the U.S. or Europe and certified organic, organic compliant, eco-farmed, or food-grade hemp.

All of these designations indicate that the hemp in CBD products was not grown near any harmful containments.

How Was CBD Extracted?

It’s important that CBD products are extracted without the use of toxic chemicals. With that being said, check that CBD was extracted using ethanol or supercritical CO2.

These are the most common and safest methods of extraction.

How Potent are CBD Products?

If you are interested in any ingestible CBD products (tinctures, gummies, baked goods, etc.), you should be aware of the item’s potency in terms of milligrams per serving.

Many CBD beginners find that microdosing (small, more frequent doses) is an ideal way to determine how the product affects them and appropriate dosage.

Has Testing Been Performed on These CBD Products?

CBD products that have been tested by a third party confirm the amount of active CBD and cannabidiol.

It also attests to the product’s purity and safeguards against residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria.  

Learn More About What to Look for in CBD Products

If you would like additional information about what to look for in CBD products check out this handy list by Huff Post.

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